Most days you can find me in one of my husbands big t-shirts, my hair in a top knot, and working in my office listening to my fav true crime podcast. (I know WAY too much about murder mysteries. No seriously...ask me about any case lol)

I am a wife to my always supportive husband, Keifer, and a dog mom to our two fur babies - Cooper, a beagle, and Sanford, an English Springer.

​I am a portrait photographer and lover of the beach. I am passionate about capturing raw, real moments between you and your loved ones. I much prefer candid shots over perfectly posed. I am not interested in making your 6 month old smile for 30 straight minutes - I thrive on capturing the authenticity of your family and making a memory last forever.

​I am from Louisiana and my husband is from Alabama so we love all things southern, sassy (ME), and sarcastic (ALSO ME) Crawfish is my #1 food of choice and nothing is better than listening to a live band with a cold one in my hand! It doesn't take much to make me happy!



putnam, alabama

cooper + sanford

my best friend


I am always the kid that wants to pull out old photos and family videos when I go to my Mama's house. Even though I have seen them all a hundred times, they never get old to me.

There's something about looking back at old memories - they evoke a feeling. The image takes you back to that exact day: you remember how you felt, what you were doing, who you were with. It's modern day time traveling.

I want to give that feeling to everyone in front of my camera. I want to evoke a feeling of happiness, good memories, and family when looking back at my images. Images you will frame over your mantle or even in a box under your bed. Images that will stand the test of time. 

I believe in creating images you will want to show your grandchildren

my "why"